Board of Directors

President - Dow Powell

Vice President - Ronald Bachrach

Secretary - Cheri DuBeau

Treasurer - Roland Frey

Member - Zach Miller

Member - Becky Smith-Powell

Member - Lloyd Morsett

Member - Felicia Ennis

Member - Ed Visnovske

In Memoriam Member - Ben Parsons

Advisory Council

FAC Director - Zach Guy

Director of Operations - Emily Struss

Flathead National Forest - Chris Prew



Providing Quality Avalanche Advisories

FOFAC’s goal is to continue to support the Flathead Avalanche Center in providing advisories seven days a week, and to help provide avalanche education to keep up with the growing demand from our community's backcountry users.

Sponsored advisories will help meet the goal of improving public safety as well as give prominent coverage to the sponsors on the Center’s website.

Sponsored advisories help us meet our goal of improving public safety and give you prominent coverage on the Center’s website. If you are interested in sponsoring the advisory please contact Emily Struss at emily@flatheadavalanche.org

Educational Opportunities

Providing quality avalanche education to the community is central to FOFAC's mission.  This goal is achieved through providing public courses as well as supporting club and business avalanche classes, youth classes, topic series, and hosting experts in the field of avalanche education. Subjects include Avalanche Awareness, Introduction to Avalanche Courses,and Companion Rescue.

Website Information and Outreach

  The FOFAC website is loaded with avalanche information including:

Avalanche advisories

*List of classes in the region

Observations, photos, and videos

* An automated weather station map

Upcoming avalanche related events in the community

Links to avalanche organizations in the area


Friends of the Flathead Avalanche Center also hosts a variety of Social Media outlets including  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube


Grant Support

The Flathead National Forest has been successful in obtaining grants from the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks, Recreation Trails Program (RTP). Combining grant money with the forest avalanche budget provides only half of the budget necessary to run a full functioning avalanche center. Private sponsors and fundraising are necessary to make up the difference.

Flathead National Forest Support

The Flathead National Forest has been supporting avalanche information and education since the 1980s.  There continues to be a solid level of support from the Forest. However, with ever-shrinking budgets, growth for the avalanche center will not be possible without private donors and fundraising efforts by FOFAC. The Forest provides:                                                   

* $22,500 yearly

* Office space and infrastructure

* Snowmobiles

* Trucks & trailers

* Safety equipment

* Radios & phones

* Media support

Your Support


The Flathead Avalanche Center could not operate without the support of our community. If you would like to become a member or become a corporate sponsor, please visit our Donation Page or contact Roland Frey at roland@flatheadavalanche.org.

Checks can be mailed to:

Friends of the Flathead Avalanche Center

PO Box 4276

Whitefish, MT 59937