Date and Time of Avalanchesort descending Avalanche Type Trigger Size Starting Elevation Aspect Number of avalanches
Siyeh Bend/East face Piegan Mtn. 1
Flower Pointish 1
Hellroaring pk 1
Forecaster Observation - Cascade drainage, Flathead Range 1
Great Northern 1
BNSF Avalanche Safety - Running Rabbit Mtn GNP 1
Just off goulies ridge 1
Essex Creek 1
Central Glacier Park Soft Slab Natural D2 Between 5,000 and 6,500 ft South 1
Snowslip Mountain/Burnout avalanche path Soft Slab Natural D2.5 , R3 1
Marias Pass 1
Forecaster Observation - southern Whitefish Range Soft Slab Natural D1.5 Below 5,000 ft Southwest 2
Jewel Basin yurt 1
Forecaster Observation - Just North of the Border 1
Going to the Sun Road Glide Natural D2.5 , R3 Above 6,500 ft Northeast 1
S Face of Skook 1
Noisy Basin 1
Going to the Sun Road Wet Slab Natural
Cornice Fall Triggered
D2 , R2 Above 6,500 ft Northeast 1
Going to the Sun Road Wet Loose Natural D2 Above 6,500 ft South 1
Essex 1