Every attendee will be given one FREE raffle ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased the day of the event. The raffle will be held throughout the workshop, YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. We will be updating this page as we receive items from our sponsors. Please visit this page for the latest list of raffle items you could win for attending the workshop.

Great Northern Powder Guides is a Cat Skiing and Cat Snowboarding operation in Whitefish Montana with extraordinary Backcountry experiences by combining: unique terrain, experienced guides, Backcountry Powder, and first class accommodations. With these elements in play they guarantee an unforgettable cat skiing adventure. Be sure to call them today to book your seat on a cat this winter!

either a pair of SKIS or a SNOWBOARD

Innovative gear to reshape the industry and provide snowmobilers with the most rugged gear on the planet!

Argo Avalanche Airbag Backpack

SKIS!! Yes, we are giving away a pair of SKIS. You are reading this correctly, Salomon is donating a pair of skis. WOW!

Special thanks to Outside Media and Salomon.
Outdoor Research encourages everyone to step outside where we can see the world more clearly and learn to treat it better. Life only gets better every minute you step outdoors. So go on, grab your outdoor research gear and GO OUTSIDE! Don't have any Outdoor Research gear? Visit outdoorresearch.com and make a purchase today!

Men's Echo Duo Short Sleeve - Size: L - Color: Bengal
Men's Echo Duo Long Sleeve  - Size: L - Color: Flash/Lemongrass
Men's Helium HD Jacket - Size: L - Color: Hydro
Women's Sonata Hooded Down Jacket - Size: M - Color: Scarlet
Men's Deviator Hoody, - Size: L - Color: Alloy
Women's Umbra Long Sleeve,- Size: M - Color: Sangria
Women's Motif Tee- Size: M - Color: Cornflower
Trucker Hats 

Originally founded in 1989 to supply the Bavarian Royal Mail with mailbags for postal delivery, this German company has evolved into a high-tech manufacturer that uses the latest materials for those on the go.

2 - Women's Freerider 28L Ski Pack
2 - Men's Freerider 30L Ski Pack

3 packs, 3 shovels, 2 probes. 
Hammer gel and other swag for gift bags.
Goggles, helmet, sunglasses, and 2 t-shirts.
Patagonia duffle bag and 6 ski tunes.
Ski socks
Hiking shoes and a hooded sweatshirt

Rocket Snow Shovel
G Comp Wind Gloves
Light Aluminum Avalanche Probe - 240 cm

-Level 1 Youth (16-25) class through Kip Rand AIARE Level 1 Youth Scholarship Fund.

2 for 1, 2-hour kayak tour. 

5 - 1 hour equipment rentals.